My Little Spark

The love came gradual like a creeping vine of lace covering my body.

 I did not know clothes were art or self expression until I had enough money  and time to think about it.It was never that I didn’t care it was I didn’t have enough to be choosy,

I did not have enough time to make clothes , hunt for the best bargains, or keep up with the latest.

To sell my own clothes was a glamorous job that I did not even allow myself to consider.

I had not seen the possibility for a person in my position.

I was not popular or extremely beautiful. I did not consider myself a creative and what ever creative talents I might have were not worthy of money.

There was also my body to consider, clothes were not made for my shape. There was one jean company  that cared enough to put a little room in the back and thigh area. 

I wanted a place where a person of different styles and shapes but I thought that might be asking too much and so I let it go.

 As I grew in confidence and allowed myself time to take chances I realized this was a project I wanted to put energy and time in. I have always love helping people to look beautiful, and be comfortable and I want to put that into clothing. I promise to look at, touch and consider the pieces I bring to you. 

Each person is a creator of energy and here is my little positive spark to add to the world.